Long-distance moves are such a struggle to organize and plan, let alone carry out. A good quality Richmond, VA long-distance moving company can take a lot of the responsibility and share the load with you. However, not all movers are the same. Fly-by-night operations can leave you hanging on moving day or cause so many delays and issues that you might think it wasn’t worth the bother to hire a mover. 

It is possible to avoid these issues by taking steps early on to prepare for your relocation and find a reputable moving company. Here are five ways you can ensure your long-distance move goes well.

Book Your Move Well-Ahead of Time

It is vital that you start planning that long-distance move months ahead of time. This also means picking out your moving company as soon as possible. Movers in Richmond are usually booked to capacity during the summertime, which is when most people decide to relocate. If you wait too long to hire a long-distance mover, you might be turned away or be forced to delay your move until their crews are available.

Perform Due Diligence on Potential Movers

Take the time to research moving companies before deciding who to pick. Those who are associated with a major van line are a good choice. Nationwide van lines usually already meet the licensing requirements to move household goods over state lines. So, their agents will too. 

If you are looking at another provider who is independent, ask to see their license number to confirm they are able to conduct interstate moves. Lastly, check out online reviews from previous customers for your potential choices too. 

Consider the Need for Temporary Storage

Since long-distance moves take longer to complete than local moves, arranging short-term storage of your belongings may be necessary. Be sure to ask your mover about their warehousing options in case you need a place to keep your belongings until the new place is available for move-in. 

Arrange for Full Replacement Value Coverage

Moving companies are required to provide free basic valuation coverage by law. Also called, Released Value Protection, this coverage only provides damage reimbursement based on an item’s weight. If you would like full replacement value coverage, you’ll need to purchase it. Make sure to ask any potential movers if they have this option first, before hiring them.

Consider Streamlining Your Belongings

Long-distance movers usually charge customers by weight when they quote rates for a relocation. If you are making a cross-country move or an international move, you may also want to let go of a lot of smaller items that can be replaced in a new location. Easy ways to streamline your household include donating clothing and items to charity and selling your furniture online.

If you don’t want to pay for full value protection coverage, it may also be better to self-transport your valuables. While a good mover will do their best to keep everything secure, its always possible that some damage may occur in transit. You’ll probably feel better about keeping jewelry and precious heirlooms in your personal care.

Learn All About Covan World-Wide Moving

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  • Short-Term Storage Services

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