Moving can be overwhelming, especially when packing and transporting delicate items in your kitchen. Proper handling and packing techniques are essential to ensure your kitchenware arrives at your new home intact. Here are a few tips to help you pack up common kitchen items.

Chairs and Tables

Wrap your chairs and tables in moving blankets to protect them from scratches and damage. This will provide an extra layer of cushioning and prevent any potential dents or scrapes. Residential movers can secure the blankets in place to keep them snug during transit.


Plates are fragile. Separate each plate with multiple layers of packing paper or other forms of padding. This helps prevent them from banging into each other during the move. Place the plates vertically in a sturdy box and fill any gaps with extra paper to ensure a snug fit.


When packing glasses, use appropriate packing materials. Dish packs are specifically designed for glassware, providing extra protection. Wrap each glass individually in packing paper or bubble roll and place them snugly in the dish packs.


Secure your silverware in a small box to keep it organized and prevent it from shifting during transportation. Consider wrapping groups of silverware together with rubber bands or packing paper to ensure they stay secure.

Cookware & Small Kitchen Appliances

When packing cookware and small appliances, it’s best to use their original packaging whenever possible. If the original packaging is not available, place them in small-to-midsize boxes with adequate padding. Wrap fragile items individually in packing paper or bubble roll.

Food Pantry

Before moving, consider donating non-perishable food items from your pantry. If you do choose to bring your pantry items with you, pack them in small-to-midsize boxes. Separate glass bottle items by placing them with canned goods or plastic containers to minimize the risk of breakage.

Items in Refrigerator

It’s better to consume or dispose of perishable items in your refrigerator before moving to ensure safety. Safely pack any non-perishable items that you do decide to take in small insulated boxes and ensure they are properly sealed.

Flammable and Combustible Items

For safety reasons, it’s important to leave behind or properly dispose of flammable liquids and fire extinguishers. Transporting these items can pose a significant fire hazard during the move. Check with local guidelines for safe disposal methods in your area.

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