Choosing a new place to call home requires careful consideration and is a significant decision. However, Phoenix is an attractive area to live in for several reasons. Whether you want ideal weather all year long or access to activities, here are a few reasons to consider a residential relocation to Phoenix.

Strong Economy

Whether you're looking for employment or launching a new company, Phoenix is a place for work. The unemployment rate in Phoenix is 2.9% which is lower than the national average. However, it also offers a lower living cost than other big cities.

Ideal Climate All Year Round

If you're looking for a place where snow is a mystery and warm weather is the dream, then Phoenix fills this requirement. With the average winter temperature remaining almost 70 degrees, you won't have to bundle up or shovel out of the driveway. As a bonus, there's little humidity during those desert summers.

A Great Place to Love the Outdoors

While we've covered the weather, let's talk about the terrain. Phoenix offers a beautiful mountainous scene perfect for hiking, climbing, or mountain biking. It's home to more than 180 parks ripe for exploring. Still, if professional sports are more your thing, you have a wide range to choose from here, with PGA, NBA, NFL, and MLB all offering fans a rich experience.

Active Engagement with Arts & Culture

Phoenix is a hot spot for vacation, retirement, and college-age people looking for a fun place to call home. It's a diverse community offering a complete take on the Phoenix Art Museum and a lively music scene, including the opera and other theatrical performances.

Easy Transportation

Though it may be a large urban city, traveling in Phoenix is easy. The intricate interstate system offers travelers wide open roadways connecting Interstate 10, Interstate 17, and U.S. Route 60. You can also find downtown public transportation available with the Valley Metro Transit System.

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