While packing up your household, you may pay special attention to breakable or high-value items. However, fabrics also need special consideration when preparing for an upcoming relocation. Here are a few tried and true methods to safely move your fabrics.

Mattresses & Box Springs

These bulky items can get caught up on other things or get dirty during a move. In most cases, a plastic mattress bag provides adequate protection against dirt. If you want a more durable option, consider a mattress cardboard box.

Fabric & Leather Furniture

If you’re moving sofas, accents chairs, ottomans, or other fabric or leather furniture, make sure you protect it with shrink wrap. Shrink wrapping will protect against dirt and minor knicks. A professional mover will add extra padding once it’s on the truck.

Fabric Artwork & Antique Furniture

You'll want maximum protection if you’ve invested a lot of money into canvas artwork or have irreplaceable antique furniture with fabric exposed. It may be worth discussing with your residential mover about custom crating options.


Many people choose to leave behind curtains, unsure if they’ll fit in the new home. However, custom curtains can be expensive, and you may want to move these items. Fold them up and place them inside a plastic wardrobe bag for safekeeping.

Casual Clothing

Everyday wear is easy to move. You can put these items in a moving box, but be mindful of packing too many heavy materials in one box. Still, for a simpler solution, leave your casual clothing in the furniture drawer. Your mover will ensure the drawers stay shut during transport.

Formal Wear

If you have several suits, cocktail dresses, or other formal attire, you’ll want to keep it wrinkle-free and prevent the need for dry cleaning. A sturdy wardrobe box is tall enough and has a metal bar to allow these items to hang during your move.

Cherished Items

Seasonal décor, custom craftwork, or intricate quilts can have sentimental value. Using a plastic tote to move these household goods will not only provide robust protection, but it can also be used as year-round storage after the move.

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