If you’re planning a move, whether it’s long distance or a local move, there are risks involved. At Covan World-Wide Moving, we’re experienced long distance movers who’ve seen it all during moves. We’ve compiled these tips to help you reduce the risk of injury and keep your big residential or commercial moving day stress-free!

A Risk-Free Move Requires Good Preparation

The best way to stay injury free during a move is to prepare yourself ahead of time. Residential moving is serious physical exertion. You’ll want to make sure you’ve gotten plenty of rest the night before you begin. Whether you’re involved with local moving or long distance moving, you’ll want to eat a healthy breakfast and drink plenty of water. Stretching before hand is another great way to prepare. At Covan World-wide Moving, we’ve found the more your get your body ready before you start, the smoother your move will be.

Another key factor is wearing appropriate clothing. When you’re moving, it’s essential that you wear close-toed shoes to prevent any injury. If you have boots with steel toes or something similar, that’s even better. Also be mindful of how loose or baggy your clothes are. Baggy clothing can snag while you are maneuvering around tight corners and cause accidents.

Preparing the Moving Area Is Essential

Once you’re fully prepared for residential or household moving, you’ll want to prepare the area where you are moving as well. If there are any large items that won’t be coming with you to your new destination, you could consider warehouse storage to make your moving day simpler. Covan World-Wide Moving has warehouse storage options so your possessions can be safe and secure no matter where you’re headed. Clear all of your pathways fully so you can easily get in an out of where you’re moving.

Perfect Your Moving Technique

Finally, the best way to keep yourself from injury is to be mindful of how you’re utilizing your body when you are lifting and moving heavy items.

Keep in mind these tips to ensure your safety:

  • Keep Your Feet Apart and in a Stable Position
  • Bend Your Knees and Lift From Your Legs and Core
  • Keep the Load Close to Your Waist
  • Do Not Bend Your Back When Lifting
  • Do Not Twist Your Body During a Lift

Call Covan World-Wide Moving When You Need a Hand

To ensure your safety and security throughout your move, consider hiring a professional moving company. At Covan World-Wide Moving, we have a team of experienced long distance movers ready to assist you with international moving, local moving, residential moving, commercial moving, and even warehouse storage. Let us help you take the guesswork and hassle out of your next big transition. Call today to receive a free estimate!