Homeowners usually reach out to expert home movers whenever they want to move large, fragile items due to the difficulties associated with moving such items. They are prone to damage if moved wrongly or have an inexperienced set of hands handling them. However, you can get items like large mirrors, TV sets, and other cherished items moved during your home relocation with these innovative and smart tips.

Use Strong Boxes/Packages Designed for Large Items

Whenever you’re moving large items, you should get matching boxes that can handle their weights. For example, large sculpted items and statues would require big boxes designed for moving them. You should also get thicker and stronger boxes for large mirrors and TVs. With such boxes and custom crates, you can rest assured that your items will be easy to move around and have a solid base of protection around them. Also, ensure that such boxes are taped underneath for extra protection.

Use Extra Layers of Cushion

It’s normal for large, fragile items to have odd angles and parts that may stick out. So, you can add some soft packing materials, cushions, or towels at the base of the box and at the edges. While in motion, items like artworks and motors might move or slide. The extra layers of cushion will ensure there’s no direct contact between the box and your item. Like pro residential movers, you should fill up every space with soft materials.

Take Your Time

Packing and moving large, fragile items requires serious attention to detail. This can only happen when you’ve laid out a plan you can carefully execute at a safe and convenient pace. When you take your time, there’s a higher chance of getting your items to your new location without hitches.

Take Precautionary Steps to Protect Your Investment

Your large, fragile items are part of your investment, so taking precautionary measures to protect them is a step in the right direction. You can take pictures, make an inventory of your items, and purchase a full valuation coverage. This way, you will be reimbursed for the replacement value of the item in case of breakage or damage.

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