Moving in the warmer months of the year can be pretty strenuous. At Covan World-Wide Moving we use simple tricks and tips to keep our movers in tip top shape during warm weather moves. Here are our top six tips for how to stay cool when you are moving your household on a warm weather day.

1. Have Childcare or Pet Care Outside of Your Home

With doors being left open and the temperature rising, having children and pets in your home during your move is not the safest idea. A pet could run off without your knowledge or a child could get overheated. If possible, it is highly recommended that you send your pets and children to a better temperature-controlled location while you move.

2. Get Your Vehicle Serviced

A vehicle overheating during a long distance move is very frustrating and a huge waste of time. Make sure you check your vehicle’s oil and AC coolant before you start your drive. This way you can rest assured that you will make it to your next destination without any delays.

3. Stay Both Protected and Comfortable

When moving it is always important to wear closed toed shoes to manage accidental moving droppages or stubbing your toes. It is also important to wear gloves that have a good grip to minimize items dropping from sweaty hands. However, something homeowners do not often think of is to wear breathable cotton clothing or athletic wear made for wicking up sweat. At Covan World-Wide Moving our movers wear clothing that can withstand the heat to help their bodies withstand the warm weather.

4. Provide Water for Your Moving Crew

Moving during the warmer weather can cause anyone’s body to become dehydrated. It is always a great idea as a homeowner to provide your moving crew with room temperature or cold bottled water options. If you decide to hire professional household movers, we know they also appreciate having water readily available.

5. Try to Keep Your Home a Comfortable Temperature

Moving often means that doors get left open making managing your home's internal temperature very difficult. At Covan World-Wide Moving we suggest running fans to help keep your house cool. If you can open windows across from each other that is also suggested to get some cross-ventilation happening. We know first-hand that your moving team will appreciate the breeze.

6. Do Not Overexert Yourself

Manual labor is hard work and the items in your home are probably not easy to pick up. This can be hard on anyone’s body and exhausting to do back-to-back days. As the homeowner you can make sure everyone takes breaks and has a light snack. 

If you think the heavy lifting may not be for your personal moving crew, call Covan World-Wide Moving to discuss your free moving quote. Our full-service moving company is ready to help you in any ways we can.