If you’re eco-conscious, you will be glad to know that our residential movers in Richmond, VA take precautions to reduce negative effects on the environment. 

Below are some things that all Richmond, VA long-distance movers and beyond can do to protect the environment when conducting a relocation. You will also find some things that you can implement whether you hire a moving company or manage your next relocation on your own.

Steps Long-Distance Movers Can Take to Reduce Environmental Impact

Reducing fuel usage, using recyclable materials, and implementing eco-friendly practices at the workplace are great focus points for moving companies. Here are some specifics:

Combine Shipments

When moving small shipments for multiple customers, combine shipments onto a single truck instead of making multiple shipments. This saves on fuel and reduces impact from vehicle emissions.

Provide Reusable Boxes

Offer customers the option to use reusable wardrobe boxes for transporting clothing instead of throw-away boxes. 

Use Moving Blankets

Instead of wrapping furniture in non-biodegradable plastics and wraps, use moving blankets for larger items. 

Things You Can Do to Help the Environment During Your Move

Along with choosing Richmond, VA long-distance movers that uses eco-friendly practices, there are some steps you can take too when conducting your next move.

Use Proper Disposal Procedures

You cannot move paints, gas, oil, and household chemicals when hiring a relocation company. So, you will have to dispose of these items yourself. Use proper procedures according to your community’s guidelines. The same goes for any unwanted electronics and appliances.

Donate Unwanted Items

Instead of throwing massive amounts of household items, clothing, and non-perishable foods away, consider donating them to a local charity. This reduces the amount of garbage in landfills while providing less fortunate members of your community with necessary items.

Pack Responsibly

Although you don’t want to use low-quality packing materials for delicate or high-value items, you can use some of those shipping boxes you have laying around the house to pack some items in your home. You can also use old clothing, towels, and blankets as padding instead of plastics and packing paper.

Hire Responsible Richmond, VA Long-Distance Movers

For help from residential movers in Richmond, VA that use eco-friendly practices, contact Covan World-Wide Moving. We are a full-service moving company that’s A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and we provide everything you need for a safe, affordable, and responsible relocation. Give us a call today to learn more!