If you have gorgeous, sentimental, or collectible pieces of antique furniture in your home, you need to make sure you don’t run the risk of damaging them over the course of a move. Whether you have a china cabinet that’s been handed down from generation to generation in your family or there’s a lovely credenza in your home that you want to protect at all costs, finding the right professional movers from a highly-rated moving company can make all the difference. 

Pad Wrap Your Furniture with Moving Blankets

Even the most strategic of moves will result in bumps and scratches for unprotected furniture. Avoid this fate for your pieces by cozying your bureaus, armoires, and sofas with padding blankets. It’ll be extra protection  - and you won’t have to find storage or transport for those bulky blankets elsewhere. 

Use Plastic Wrap to Keep Your Furniture in Place

It might not be glamorous, but using plastic wrap to anchor your chairs or your bedroom set together can make it easy to see which pieces go together in your new home. When paired with moving blankets, plastic wrap can be a great way to transport your delicate pieces in style. 

Use Custom Crating Strategically

While it might seem like an avant-garde strategy, building a custom crate for your pieces can be the best way to ensure they get to their final destination with nary a scratch. By doing so, you can also make the best use of your space possible, while fully trusting that your antiques are as safe as can be. 

At Covan World-Wide Moving, we provide full-service moving...even for the most fragile of canopy beds. Whether you need assistance with professional packing, wrapping furniture, or making custom crates, we’ll be there to help. We can also assist with short-term storage for an antique desk or chair that you might not need in your future space

Regardless of what you need, Covan World-Wide Moving is here for you. Call our team of Richmond movers today for more information about the way we can make your upcoming relocation easy.