Whether you’re hiring a moving van and doing it all yourself, or having a professional moving team take care of your relocation from start to finish, one thing is certain—organization and planning are the keys to success. This is especially true when it comes to packing, which is often the most time-consuming part of the process. 

In this article, our team of expert movers and packers from Covan share our best tips for making your next packing project easier to manage. 

Get an Early Start 

As we mentioned before, your moving project’s success depends on your organization and planning skills. Starting as early as possible—say at least a month or two before a local move, and even longer before a long-distance move—will allow you the time you need for making all of your necessary arrangements.

 If you don’t have a lot of time and need to pack up at the last minute, don’t panic. There are still ways to make the process go faster and easier. For best results in either case, contacting a team of professional movers and packers can mean a less stressful, no-hassle experience. Contact a few moving companies in your area as soon as you can to request free estimates for full-service moving, including packing and unpacking options.

Room by Room Packing

The best way we’ve found to tackle a move is to take it room-by-room. Start with the rooms in the house that you use the least, perhaps a guest bedroom, a hall closet you use for storage, or a home office, the garage, or another area. Try to take an entire room one packing session at a time, and don’t stop until it’s all packed up. If it’s a particularly large area, like the garage, tackle it with help or over a few days if you don’t have time. Better yet, if your budget allows it, call in a professional moving company to take over and pack everything for you. 

Use High-Quality Packing Materials—and Plenty of Them

For the best packing experience, you’ll need a good number of sturdy boxes of all sizes, thick, durable garbage bags, markers, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newspapers, and labels. Make sure to have plenty of each of these, and then some—to avoid having to stop your progress to make a quick run for more supplies. You’ll appreciate this once you’ve gotten into the swing of things as you won’t want to lose your momentum in getting it all done.

Contact Professionals for Moving Heavy, Fragile, or Other Difficult Items

Don’t bother trying to move difficult items—it’s just not worth it. Large, oversized, bulky furniture, your enormous grand piano, antique breakables, and valuable art pieces may need special attention that you’re not equipped or trained to give. Not to mention, moving large, heavy items up and down stairs or through tight doorways isn’t for the faint of heart—and can even be quite dangerous. 

Leave it to the professionals instead. Ask for estimates from various moving companies in your area to see how much they’ll charge for a la carte services like moving a piano, or for full-service options from residential movers to see how these might fit into your budget.

Hire a Professional Team of Experienced Movers 

As we mentioned in the last section, moving can be tough. If you’re feeling intimidated by your upcoming relocation, don’t panic—call our expert professional movers at Covan for help. Our friendly team of movers and packers at Covan will make sure you’re well taken care of with a customized moving plan that perfectly suits your needs and your budget. 

For more information about our high-quality relocation and transportation services that we offer for customers around the world, give us a call now. Or, if you’d like to get started right away with a free, in-home estimate and moving consultation at no obligation, fill out our fast online form for details.