If you’re busy with plans for a relocation in the near future, you may have decided to let a moving company handle the heavy lifting for you. While hiring a moving company can be one of the best ways to make your relocation an enjoyable experience, the success of your project will depend heavily on which company you choose for the job.

Moving companies are not made alike, and can vary widely in quality and value. For example, some movers are licensed and insured, while many are not. Finding the best ones takes a bit of research and investigation. However, with so many moving companies to choose from, it can be quite intimidating trying to find a place to start.

Luckily, there are a few key components to watch out for when evaluating companies for your move. In this article, our team of expert movers at Covan World-Wide Moving is breaking down some important rules to follow when choosing a moving company, and what you can do to narrow the candidates down to the best ones for your moving project.

Check Out Their Online Reviews

When starting your research for moving companies in your area, one of the first things that you should look at is the online reviews for each business. This can easily be found from the convenience of your smartphone by navigating to a review site such as Angie’s List, Yelp, BBB, or Google My Business.

Evaluating customer reviews is the best way to get a quick, sneak peek of the experiences of past customers to see how they felt they were treated and what their overall ratings were for the services they received. Some companies may seem very reputable, but their customer reviews can paint a very different picture. Choose a company with excellent ratings overall, and leave the rest behind.

Get a Glimpse of Customer Service

Customer service is going to be key when it comes to picking out a moving service. After all, movers from the company are going to be in and out of your home and handling all of your most valuable possessions—so it’s a good idea to hire friendly, professional, and capable people for the job.

For an up-close and personal glimpse into their customer service practices, give them a call or stop by their office to discuss your moving needs. Pay attention to how they treat you as a potential customer. This will also give you a chance to look at their trucks and equipment, and perhaps a quick glance at the rates they charge as well.

Retrieve & Compare Multiple Quotes

Most professional and reputable moving companies offer customized moving quotes based on the needs of your project—compared to flat rates based on weight, hours, or other factors. In general, it’s best to receive a complete and comprehensive pricing estimate for the exact services you need, rather than remaining in the dark about final costs until after the move is over.

Find moving companies that offer free pricing estimates and compare their rates. Make sure that these are the final costs you can expect to pay and factor in these rates into your final decision about the company.

What’s Included?

Last but not least, you are going to want to see what type of services each company is going to offer in your quote, and which services are available at an additional cost. Storage solutions are a great amenity to look for in a moving company, just in case you need last-minute safekeeping for your items. Having the security of a secure place to store your belongings can be a blessing you never knew you needed.

As we mentioned in the last section, make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for, and why. Many unprofessional moving companies use difficult language or complicated contracts to trick people into believing that their low rates cover all-inclusive moving services—and this is never the case. Instead, make sure to read your contract thoroughly and know which services you’ve purchased, and what your total cost will be once you’ve relocated.

Industry Leading Moving Services By Covan World-Wide Moving

Since 1914, Covan World-Wide Moving has grown from a family-owned moving company into a family-owned corporation. During that time, we’ve kept our focus on providing customers with the same level of customer service and industry-leading moving services that our company was built on.

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