Moving to a new home can be an overwhelming experience, and it’s easy to feel stressed out before it’s even time to start packing up. The truth is that most people simply don’t have the time it takes to properly plan and organize a move—especially when trying to juggle work, family, and other important commitments at the same time.

Fortunately, professional moving services are available that can make the process much easier—whether you’re a single-person household moving into an apartment in the city, or a large family of ten relocating into an enormous home in the suburbs. In fact, there are two types of movers that can help to make your relocation a breeze: professional moving companies, or moving brokers.

Covan Worldwide Moving is a top-rated, international moving company dedicated to providing superior moving and transportation solutions for our customers. We are committed to helping people all over the world enjoy smoother, less complicated relocations. To help you navigate through your next moving experience, we’ve put together this guide on moving brokers—the relocation industry’s middleman—and what you need to know about this option vs. hiring a moving company.

What is a Moving Broker?

In a nutshell, a moving broker serves as a middleman between the client who is planning to move and the moving companies. This means that the job of these professionals is to simply find and connect the most suitable moving company with the client. Moving brokers do not have a team of professional movers, a fleet of trucks, or moving equipment and other facilities, and simply negotiate a deal between the household and the moving team for their convenience.

How Do Moving Brokers Operate?

A moving broker starts by providing an estimate and charging a fee from the client who is moving. The broker then communicates the offer to available moving companies, who then bid on the job.

This tactic is similar to using Hotwire or Expedia to book travel. Using a moving broker can help you save money as it can get you cheaper rates than hiring a moving company directly, However, it also comes with a certain amount of risk.

Some of the risks of using a moving broker to book your movers are outlined below:

•  The moving company that will be hired is not licensed or insured.

•  The moving company might not accept the job, leaving the client without a mover on the day of the move itself.

•  Because the broker hands the job to a moving company without meeting the customer in person, they might underestimate the scope of the project. This could mean that the actual quote is inaccurate, and the moving company might charge additional surprise fees before or after the job is over and completed.

However, a good moving broker shouldn’t allow these unfortunate circumstances to happen and must carefully ensure that the moving company that will be hired is reliable. The trick is finding a reputable moving broker that has experience in the industry, good relationships with moving companies, and excellent satisfaction rates and reviews from former customers.

What are the Requirements for a Good Moving Broker?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) strives to uphold consumer protection when using moving brokers. Below are the requirements that a legit moving broker must meet when conducting business in the United States:

•  Registration with the FMCSA

•  FMCSA Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move booklet and the Ready to Move brochure must be provided to clients

•  Provide customers with a list of moving companies that can get the job done

•  Only FMCSA-registered movers should be used

•  Contract or written agreement with the moving companies that are used

•  Base binding or non-binding estimates on the tariff of the moving company

•  Physical business address and motor carrier number must be referenced in the ads

•  Have the moving company conduct a physical survey of the items that will be transported if the location is within a 50-mile radius

What are Moving Companies?

A moving company consists of a team of movers that performs the actual relocation themselves—from the packing down to the transportation and unloading of the items. Professional, established moving companies are equipped with everything necessary to perform a move for their customers, including experienced personnel, state-of-the-art moving equipment, tools, supplies, moving trucks, and vans.

Normally, representatives of a moving company will meet with you in person to evaluate your home and craft a customized moving quote just for you and your needs. This will allow them to provide a more accurate estimate for the job, versus a company that offers a flat rate (and possible extra fees on the day of the move).

Your Trusted Moving Company

Whether you decide to hire a moving broker or a moving company, it is extremely important to be careful in choosing the company to trust. Look for companies that are affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, with high ratings from former customers and a long track record of successful moves all over the world—like Covan World-Wide Moving.

We are a family-owned corporation that has been serving clients within the US since 1914. At present, Covan World-Wide Moving has more than 50 offices in 17 states and one US territory. With our team of highly trained professionals, modern equipment and facilities, as well as a fleet of well-maintained vehicles, we are proud to provide top-quality, comprehensive relocation solutions for residential, commercial, corporate, government or military moves, and for everything else in between.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you, give us a call at Covan World-Wide Moving today. You may also fill out this online form to request for a free in-home estimate.