Do you need professional Lakeside long-distance movers to help you with your next move? Then you should choose Covan World-Wide Moving—a BBB-accredited moving company with ProMover status that has been providing top-notch professional moving services since 1914. At Covan, we are committed to providing our clients with top-quality services. To facilitate this, we have a nationwide network of moving and storage professionals that can handle household moves to anywhere in the United States efficiently. 

Long-Distance Moving Services - Lakeside, VA

Covan World-Wide Moving is a highly-experienced company with numerous resources and highly-qualified moving specialists that can help households of all sizes complete successful long-distance relocations. As part of our Lakeside long-distance moving services, we usually send moving specialists to the homes of interested clients for an assessment of their household size and their moving needs. After understanding your moving requirements, our moving specialist will then provide you with a written estimate of your moving costs.

Once you’re ready for your next move, our moving professionals will provide you with either basic or full-service residential moving services, which include:

  • Professional Packing Supplies
  • Full-Service Packing Available
  • Protective Padding & Wrapping of Furniture
  • Floor and Doorway Protection
  • Crating for Mirrors, Fine Art & Antiques
  • Disassembly/Assembly of Furniture
  • Comprehensive Valuation Protection

Long-Distance Moving & Storage - Lakeside, VA

As part of our Lakeside long-distance moving services, Covan also provides storage services in our secure warehouse facilities in several key markets across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. This means that you can put your belongings into short or long-term storage at any of our warehouse facilities.

Long-Distance Moving Companies - Lakeside, VA

At Covan, we understand how difficult it is for our clients to relocate their life and beloved properties to an unfamiliar long-distance location for whatever reason. We don’t want you to make the awful mistake of hiring unproven Lakeside long-distance moving companies that may disappoint you. Hence, we usually advise our clients and potential clients to choose a long-distance moving company like Covan with the experience and capacity to complete their long-distance relocations.

Here are a few reasons you should choose Covan for your relocation:

  • Over 100 Years of Long-Distance Moving Experience
  • Family-Owned Corporation Committed to Service
  • Dozens of Offices Throughout the Contiguous United States
  • Offices in Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam

Covan World-Wide Moving is a highly experienced family-owned Lakeside long-distance moving company with a mission to become the leading provider of transportation services worldwide. We have the expertise, highly-qualified moving specialists, resources, and connections to help you complete your long-distance relocation in no time. Call us today to learn more about our services from our moving specialists. Or fill our online form to request a free moving estimate. 

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